"Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don't let anyone limit your dreams."


Ann, Malaysia, 90’s kid.I have double diploma education background with different course.

In 2009, I joined Saito College, PJ for  Diploma of Graphic Design course. Completed the 3 years study life, I’ve decided start working to get experience from industry.

My 1st working experience was project coordinator in design magazine publishing company, Malaysia. The priority job task in publishing company was get the target subscription sales from campus or related field. Because of She still keep the passion doing craft/D.I.Y after working or free time even job scope not related to design field.

I have been working at graphic design magazine, advertising branding agency,now current working field is accounting. But she still passion on art & design.

我是Ann罗恩思,拥有双文凭课程证书( Diploma in Graphic Design & Diploma in Accounting, LCCI).

2012年,我毕业于Saito DesignCollege, PJ. 毕业后,我在一间专做设计杂志的出版社担任了项目协调员,负责处理杂志销量、与各间大学/学院接洽安排讲座分享会、也处理安排小型手作市场的工作。那时开始与手作相关联系结下缘分。


2018年,我开始投入制作氧环树脂( Resin Epoxy) 手作品。同年的11月,我决定成立及全职投入属于我自己的手作工作坊–我的手作日志( My Journal of Hand Craft) ,专注发展我的不同手作品及希望更多人可以关注我的手作。

About My Journa of Handcraft

My Journal Of Hand Craft established by BH THREE ENTERPRISE in 2018 is selling special handmade resin jewelry, rubber stamp, note book and other handmade product by iamannloh. Therefor, we have search and selling special and nicely handmade product from other handicraft lover. 

We have supply some of hand craft material for handicraft lover. We will continue to  supply as much as possible for handicraft material. We are non stop to search and grow to difference material categories. 

We would like to build up another path of creative platform to make handicraft lover have more way to looking material. And also, invite non-handicraft lover to try and enjoy the feeling of handmade process.

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